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    Fresh water and healthy oceans sustain life on earth. The Rapa Nui Mentorship Project seeks to develop environmental stewards from among Hawaii 's youth to raise awareness of the acute need to care for these precious resources. 

     The year-long project will begin in March 2007 and continue until the end of March 2008.  Students interested in this project must submit a completed application to Kai Makana by January 31, 2007. A maximum of twenty-four students will be chosen to participate in various community projects, excursions, as well as weekly classes.  From the students, twelve will be selected to participate in an educational and cultural exchange in Rapa Nui.  Throughout this year-long program, students will be supported by mentors from their community as well as from Kai Makana.  Following two intensive weekend retreats, students will begin to present water quality and environmental information to their communities.

     In January 2008, students and staff will travel to Tahiti and Rapa Nui for a ten-day community service, learning, and cultural exchange.  Students will conduct water quality testing, stream restoration, marine debris monitoring, and other environmental service projects to collect data to share with their communities and schools via video documentary.  In addition, the students will share culture and language and learn the history of Rapa Nui. The students will also participate in a 6 person canoe paddle with the people of Rapa Nui in order to experience and witness first hand the environmental impact that humans have caused to this land mass.

     Upon return to Hawai'i, students will continue to share the results of their work by delivering presentations within their communities.  Each student will be responsible for conducting day-long community environmental project in their area.  The goal is to have these students experience and witness what is happening to our environment, as well as promote the belief that each individual can make a difference by being responsible to his or her community, specifically the environment.  In addition, these students will be asked to mentor the next group of students participating in the Kai Makana Program in order for each student to experience being responsible towards another student, who will look to them for guidance.











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Due Dates:

Request for applications:  October 1, 2007

Application due date: January 31, 2008

1st retreat:  March 2008

Community payment:  4 payments due in increments

Rapa Nui Trip: January 2009


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