There are several ways you can help build team Kai Makana!

     Sponsors for the Kai Makana Youth Program are:

Ka`ala Farms
Nanakuli High School -
   Hawaiian Studies Program
`Oiwi Ocean Gear
Queen Lili`uokalani
   Children's Center
Town & Country
Wai`anae Hawaiian
   Civic Club



Photo by Mary Ann Changg

  • Airline, Accommodation Sponsors
  • Clothing, Equipment Sponsors
  • Small Business and Organization Support
  • Individual Support

Interested?? - contact us:

For inquiries or to make a contribution, please contact us at:
Kai Makana

P.O. Box 22719
Honolulu HI  96823

Kai Makana is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, established in 1997, to provide volunteer, in-kind, and financial support for marine wildlife conservation and education.

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