Kai Makana has done an excellent job attracting public attention.  Take a look at some of the news coverage of our events.   Sponsoring Kai Makana is an excellent way of being noticed while contributing to the health of our oceans.


photo by Mary Ann Changg 2001

photo by Mary Ann Changg 2001

photo by Title 9 Sports 2002



Honolulu Advertiser 05/07/08 - "Mokauea cleanup helps kids give back"
KHNL 04/19/08 - "Mokauea Restoration"
KITV 04/18/08 - "Military Hauls Tons Of Trash From Mokauea Island"
KHNL 03/27/08 - "Restoring Mokauea Island"
KHNL 03/26/08 - "Hawaii's Last Native Fishing Village, Mokauea Island"



KHON 10/27/07 - "Clean-up of historical Mokauea Island"
Honolulu Starbulletin 07/05/07 - "Rebirth of Mokauea" & "Restoring an island and pride"
Honolulu Advertiser 05/07/07 - "No ka 'oi"
Honolulu Starbulletin 03/27/07 - "Kahakui wins environmentalist honor"
Yves Rocher Foundation-Institute 02/28/07 - "... 2007 Women of the Earth award ceremony"



Honolulu Advertiser 05/08/04 - "200-mile canoe trek to raiser environmental awareness"
Makai Ocean Lifestyle Magazine November 2004 - "Paddling for Life - Going the Distance "



Hawaiian Airlines In-flight video - "Crossing the Channels"



Tiare Girl Magazine 09/02 "Kai Makana - Ocean Education through Action"
Honolulu Star Bulletin 06/27/02  "Kahakui wanted a chance"
KGMB 3/30/2002  Lt. Governor, Mazie Hirono, visits Kai Makana in support of the Wai`anae Environmental Educational Day



Honolulu Star Bulletin 03/27/01  "Waianae Coast to celebrate ocean environment, island culture"
Honolulu Star Bulletin 04/01/01  Youths participate in Kai Makana
Honolulu Star Bulletin 04/02/01  Kai Makana and Waianae Coast Community rallied youths
My TV Jams 04/01
CNN - Live at Daybreak 06/22/01  "Paddling to Protect the World's Water"
Honolulu Advertiser 06/24/01  "Hawai`i paddler completes solo run on Hudson River"
Honolulu Star Bulletin 06/25/01  "Kahakui completes 55-mile solo paddle"
Honolulu Advertiser 07/15/01  "Hudson River ho`okupu for paddler Kahukui"
Honolulu Advertiser 11/07/01  "Paddling trip in Tahiti offers new goals for teens"



Island Scene Magazine April 2000  "Digging Deep - Put her in a canoe and there's no doubt Donna Kahakui will go far."
Honolulu Advertiser 04/20/99  "Kahakui will try to paddle around Oahu"
Honolulu Advertiser 04/22/99 "Kahakui half way"
KITV 4/20/00  Canoe Paddler Donna Kahakui begins attempt to paddle around island of Oahu.
KHON 4/20/2000  Donna Kahakui begins solo trip around O'ahu.
KHNL 4/20/2000  Canoe paddler Donna Kahakui begins paddle around island of O'ahu.
KITV 4/21/00  Canoe Paddler Donna Kahakui begins paddle around island of O'ahu.
KHON 4/21/200  Donna Kahakui begins paddle around island of O'ahu
KHNL 4/21/2000  Donna Kahakui continues paddling trip around island of O'ahu.
KHNL 4/21/2000  Donna Kahakui arrives at Haleiwa Harbor four hours ahead of schedule.
KITV 4/23/2000  Canoe paddler Donna Kahakui completes solo trip around island of O'ahu, lands at Hilton Hawaiian Village.
KGMB 4/23/2000  Donna Kahakui is first solo canoe paddler to circumnavigate O'ahu.
KHON 4/23/2000  Donna Kahakui circumnavigates O'ahu via solo canoe.
KHNL 4/23/2000  Paddler Donna Kahakui completes solo circumnavigation of O'ahu.
Honolulu Advertiser 10/24/2000  "Hawai`i paddlers triumph in Tahiti"
Honolulu Advertiser 11/24/2000  "Paddling to save the ocean"



Honolulu Star Bulletin, 03/27/99  Newswatch: Activist to paddle 140 miles for cause
Honolulu Star Bulletin, 03/30/99  "For the Ocean's Sake"
Honolulu Advertiser, April 1999  "Paddler plans Big Isle-O'ahu Solo Journey"
Honolulu Advertiser  "Paddler stops to rest on Moloka'i"
Kalamalama 4/12/99  "Record setting paddler to raise $50,000 for environment"
Pacific Paddler -- Cover June 1999  "Donna Kahakui's 131 Mile paddle"
Wahine Magazine June 1999  "A Distant Shore"
Honolulu Star-Bulletin 6/8/99  "Kahakui Proves her dedication to ocean"
Hawaii Kai Press 6/9-6/15/99  Projects detail history, ecology of Maunalua Bay
Spirit of Aloha April 1999  "Paddling Heroine"
Hana Hou Summer 1999  "Ocean Warrior"
Honolulu Magazine August 1999  "Stars on the Water: Donna Kahakui"
Paddler Magazine September 1999  "Paddling for Hawai'i's Marine Life"
KHON 4/29/99 6pm.
KITV 4/29/99 AM news
KGMB 4/18/99 5pm
KHNL 4/30/99 AM news



Honolulu Star Bulletin 04/13/98  Features: Wood Craft
Honolulu Star Bulletin 07/06/98  Features: Wood Craft
Honolulu Star Bulletin 07/27/98  Features: Wood Craft
Honolulu Advertiser 12/17/98  "Champion Paddler is on Mission to Protect Hawai'i's Reefs"


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